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looks 01/17/01 12:58 est

I received couple of emails with feedback to the new look, and I wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate the time all of you took to write me. And please feel free to continue to write. I do read all the emails, even if I am not able to respond. I wanted to let everyone know that I am not completely done with the new look, I will be adding more features, that for example will allow you to view ALL the midi files in one page, instead of 10 at a time. Choices will be 10, 25 and ALL. In the mean time, vote on the midi files so other users may get a better idea of what to expect before downloading the file.

almost done 01/16/01 01:00 est

I am finishing up adding all the file descriptions into the database, so for the next day or so, you might not see file descriptions for all the files. But it will be worth it. We will have user rating system in place, so you will be able to rate all the files you download, as well the ability to post comments.

PHP 01/15/01 12:07 est

I have totally redone the backend of the site using PHP, it's really nice. Hopefully no more people will be able to "borrow" files from this site...

-Kris 01/14/01 07:31 est

We are hosted at a new hosting provider, Swishmail provides really great email system, ability to check your business email anywhere, using a browser. Just like HotMail or Yahoo or, except that it's your own domain :) They have other great features too, check them out.

YAMAHA XG 08/29/99 02:41 est

For those of you who don't have a decent synth, get Yamaha's S-YXG100 soft synth. Even proud owners of SB Live should try it, as this soft synth puts SB Live to shame. "S-YXG100 (Sondius XG) combines the World beating S-YXG50 software XG engine with the already legendary SVA physical modeling techniques used by Yamaha's ground breaking VL1, VL7 and VL70m tone generators." Download S-YXG100 (Sondius) Demo Version Available for 90 days from download. This is for Win95/98.

-Kris 04/26/99 02:46 est

Finally I got domain name registered and all worked out. I plan on expanding my Techno MIDI collection to include a message forum, reviews on techno scene, (CD's, Artists, DJ's, music equipment, etc.) and an oportunity to buy Techno CD's at the best price.

status update 04/25/99 11:39 est

Just a quick update here. Currently we are reworking the site design. We have came up with some good ideas, and also borowed some from cool people at The design they have is almost what we were looking for. Made some mods for our own use, and it is looking better and better. Send us a note on what you think.

If you see something that needs done, or something that isn't correct, or if you have some help resource that you would like to offer, we want you to contribute. Feel free to work on any of the content you find on the site, and submit it to be added. Lets work together to bring a truly in-depth Techno News site to the world.

a quiet opening 04/19/99 03:28 est

Well, if you have found this, welcome! After reviewing my logs, I have noticed that my Techno MIDI site, which had just MIDI files, was getting around 70,000 hits a month, around 1.7gb of transfered info... Since I started this site in 1995 as a hobby, I decided to take this site to a new level, with a serious mind set.

So if a cheesy site like that, which wasn't updated for past 2 years is that popular, I realized that a site with frequent updates, would generate a much larger user base.

We will be adding additional materials frequently.

Please be patient. Thanks.

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